Vitus Leung, PhD BBS JP Principal Partner of Vitus Lawyers


Vitus Leung, PhD BBS JP Principal Partner of Vitus Lawyers

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    Professor Leung Wing Hang Vitus

    BSc,HKCPECLL,PCLL,PhD,CChem,MRSC, BBS JP (Solicitor)

    Corporate Finance, Company Structure, loan, M&A;
    IP registration, technology protection and joint venture;
    Sale and Purchase of Company;
    Sale and Purchase of Land

    Civil Litigation:
    Company shareholders Dispute;
    Land Dispute, Adverse Possession;
    IP rights dispute;
    Technology development dispute;
    Personal Injury, Medical Negligence;
    Judicial Review;

    Criminal Litigation:
    Bribery; ICAC;
    Commercial fraud;
    Serious crime;
    Computer Crime



    The Liability of Dentists in the Provision of Dental Materials Vitus Leung and Brian Darvell

    Dental practitioners are thought to be subject to the same principles in relation to the tort of negligence as are medical practitioners. However, in addition to their common law liability, dental practitioners may be more vulnerable to strict liability under the Sale of Goods Ordinance because, unlike medical practitioners, provision of materials is a large part of dental practice. The classification of the provision of dental materials to patients can affect the potential liability of dentists, ie whether there is a contract for the supply of goods, for the supply of services, or something else. This article explores the implications of the Sale of Goods Ordinance and the impact of reforms recently recommended by the Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong on dental practitioners in Hong Kong.


    ‘Say no to drugs’ campaign

    A special anti-drug campaign ‘Say no to drugs’ was launched at the beginning of the 2009-2010 academic year in the Lantau District.

    The Young Solicitors’ Group of the Law Society of Hong Kong (YSG), the Hong Kong Police Force (Lantau District), the Lantau District Junior Police Call and the Law Association of the University of Hong Kong were all involved. One of the major activities of the campaign was holding a video competition in which eight secondary schools participated. According to the panel of referees, all the films were excellent in quality. Mr Junius Ho, Vice President of the Law Society, and Ms Cecilia Wong, Chairlady of the YSG, attended the presentation ceremony held on 5 February 2010 at the Lantau District police station. Many senior officers of the police force, senior members of the District Council, as well as numerous local parties attended the ceremony. The YSG was especially appreciated for its substantial involvement and contribution to the competition.

    Leung Wing Hang Vitus
    Vice Chairman, Young Solicitors’ Group
    The Law Society of Hong Kong



    Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited Mediator (2013)
     Mediation Assessor Training Course, CEDR (2011)
     Certificate on Professional Mediator Training, Hong Kong Mediation Centre (2009) (HKMC AM1325)
    Professional Certificate in Law (PCLL) at the University of Hong Kong (1999)
    Hong Kong Common Professional Examination Certificate in Law (CPEC) (1998)
    Doctorate Degree in Biomaterials and Computational Chemistry (PhD) (1989)
    Undergraduate Degree in Chemistry at the University of London (BSc) (1985)


    Leadership , Membership & Honors

    1. Deputy Commissioner and Commanding Officer of Cadet Corps, Auxiliary Medical Service
    2. Governor of the Auxiliary Medical Service Officers’ Club Executive Committee
    3. Chairman, Hospital Governing Committee of Ruttonjee and Tang Shiu Kin Hospitals
    4. Hospital Governing Committee Member of Grantham Hospital
    5. Honorary Professor of Business Administration, Caritas Institute of Higher Education
    6. Honorary Associate Professor of the University of Hong Kong
    7. Visiting Professor of Tung Wah College
    8. Vice Chairman, The Hong Kong Tuberculosis, Chest and Heart Diseases Association
    9. Member of the Council of Chairmen of Hospital Governing Committees of Hospital Authority
    10. Executive Committee Member of The Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers
    11. Founding Chairman, Scientific Research Committee of Hong Kong Tuberculosis Chest and Heart Diseases Association
    12. Founding Chairman, Management Committee of Hong Kong Tuberculosis Chest and Heart Diseases Rusy M Shroff Dental Clinic
    13. Personal Injury Committee Member of Law Society of Hong Kong
    14. Member of School Management Committee of Shau Kei Wan East Government Secondary School
    15. Director and Deputy Secretary, Association of Hong Kong Professionals
    16. Investigation Panel Member of the Heart Transplant Incident happened on 21st May 2013
    17. Chinese Medicine Advisory Group Member Feb 2015
    18. Member of Advisory Committee of Hong Kong Island Hospitals of Hospital Authority
    19. Council Member of the Hong Kong Forensic Science Society
    20. Assessment Panel Member of the Social Workers Registration Board
    21. Convenor, Wofoo Leader’s Network – University of Hong Kong
    22. Honorary President, Wanchai and Central & Western District Industries and Commerce Association Limited
    23. Management Committee Member of Freni Care and Attention Home
    24. Management Committee Member of the Hong Kong Tuberculosis Association Chinese Medicine Clinic cum Training Centre of the University of Hong Kong
    25. Director of Youthlink of Hong Kong Commercial and Industrial General Association Limited
    26. Honorary Advisor of Hong Kong Outlying Islands Women’s Association Limited
    27. Past Assistant Governor, Rotary International District 3450
    28. Past President, Rotary Club of Hong Kong North
    29. Vice Chairman, Young Professional Committee of the Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services
    30. Vice Chairman, Young Solicitors Group of the Law Society of Hong Kong
    31. Honorary Legal Advisor, HK Commercial and Industrial General Association Limited
    32. Honorary Legal Advisor, Hong Kong Dragon Boat Association
    33. Honorary Legal Advisor, Hong Kong Canoe Union
    34. Advisor of Hong Kong Island District Association
    35. Honorary Legal Advisor of The Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Ltd
    36. Honorary Legal Advisor of Hong Kong General Chamber of Pharmacy Limited
    37. Honorary Legal Advisor of Resuscitation Council of Hong Kong
    38. Honorary Legal Advisor of Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong
    39. Honorary Legal Advisor of The Hong Kong Society for Public Health Nursing Limited
    40. 香港急症科護理學會 (榮譽法律顧問)